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Simple Cookie Consent using JS and GTM

Simple Cookie Consent in Google Tag Manager using JS

With the recent introductions of privacy focused laws, gaining user consent before deploying tracking tags and cookies has become the norm. You have probably seen a pop-up appear on most websites asking for your consent. Let’s take a look at...

Movie Stats Visualized by Muhammad Ali

My Movie-Watching Stats Visualized

Back in 2011, I started rating all the movies I was watching. First, I rated all the movies I knew I had already watched, and then keeping up with the practice. I started this because I would get confused whether I had already watched a particular...

Identifying 404 pages in Google Analytics

Find Broken Backlinks using Google Tag Manager

Broken backlinks are very frustrating for your users. If someone clicks on a link to your website, they want the content they were expecting. A broken link will immediately make them go back to where they came from and try another link. Most users...


Basic Google Tag Manager Setup for Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an excellent tool to streamlime your analytics tags like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, etc… When coupled with Google Analytics, it also allows you easily setup events that you can use for tracking goals...

Identifying 404 pages in Google Analytics

Find 404 (Broken) Pages using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. It gives you a lot of valuable data like of where your visitors are find your website, which pages they are viewing and how long they are spending on your website. There is no report inside Google Analytics that...

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