World Happiness Index 2020 – Visualization
World Happiness Index 2020

World Happiness Index 2020 – Visualization

The World Happiness Index is a global survey that ranks over 150 countries on happiness, and other factors based on how people view their country. As a data visualization project, I took a subset of their data and visualized it in Google Data Studio, which has some resulted in some interesting finds.

If the embed below doesn’t work properly, you can open it in a new window. The regional table is interactive, so interact by clicking on it, or use the available filters.

Some interesting findings I got from this visualization:

  1. Pakistan, my home country, ranks as the most happy country in the South Asia region.
  2. Life expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa is very poor, going down to the lowest in the world at 45 years in Central African Republic.
  3. Freedom to make choices is generally low in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe. However, Saudi Arabia sticks out positively compared to neighbours and Afghanistan sticks out negatively with her neighbours.
  4. Social Support and GDP per Capita makes up most of the reasons why people feel happier. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Social Support explains 36.5% of their happiness score.
  5. Perceptions of Corruption and Generousity are the least contributing factors for happiness across the world.

What other interesting finds can you notice in this 2020 data based on my visualization? Drop a comment below to share!

You can download the dataset here, or read more about the World Happiness Index 2020. Check out my other visualizations too.

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